Find affordable string lights in whatever style you prefer.

  • Microdot

    Tiny LED string lights, great for indoor use, and don't take up much space.

  • Edison

    Classical light bulb shaped string lghts. Great for the backyard. More traditional appearance.

  • Globe

    Spherical, or ball shaped string lights. Ussually used in an outdoor setting.

  • Solar

    Solar powered, no need for an outlet. Only for outdoor use. Incredible fixture for your backyard, or balcony.

  • Bottle

    The perfect accent piece. Perfect for using as a centerpiece on a table. Helps create a dreamy atmosphere.


We are completely transparent about how we set our prices, with an easy to understand cost per meter/LED pricing chart.

Longer string lights result in significant discounts(Up to 50%) of price per length/number of lights.

Every item is sold with FREE Canada wide shipping.

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